Vista vs XP – is XP really obsolete… i mean really really?

I was reading this

and about 30 mins earlier was speaking to someone in our engineering team (for what we are actually engineering check out – I really can’t understand why Vista happened the way it did – was it rushed? over ambitious? or just a wrong approach… now Microsoft is a great friend so I want to be careful and clarify that my obervations are purely “academic” 🙂

now this is a topic of great debate and many wiser and greater folk have written about this but i felt compelled after reading this and doing a quick scan of the guys in the office – it was unbelievable – 75% of the folks had installed XP on a vista machine as they either didnt quite get vista or had some compatibility issue with it with some application.

infact I know we had a lot of trouble developing nivioSync for vista (esp vista 64) because of all the UAC Control… on my IBM  thinkpad the new update includes some nice looking aero upgrades to their utilities but for some reason it now consumes 300% the system resources of the non aero kit…

whether people would goto the extreme of old kit to get windows I am not sure but what is clear is that if MS makes XP completely obsolete it will be opening up a can of worms that is beyond simple support issues – i know we are planning to skip providing vista to our users and jump straight to Win7 which hopefully will be more stable and more compatible.

that being said – vista does have some great features but its one where some of the annoying things just out weigh the great things…

linux, whilst a great OS, is still too far in my opinion from really making it to the consumer space and being critically accepted – we forget that there are only a few hundred million people who really get computers – probably less.. the rest of the world (that has a PC) or use shared access systems will probably get windows with far more ease – but more importantly think of windows as synonymous for a computer!