13 days to go…World Economic Forum 2009

So it’s been an interesting ride so far – in the run up to the World Economic Fourm (Davos) I was hoping to share with you some of the interesting bits of advice and the comments people have made. I am going to try and post more and more about some of the topics that are up for discussion and see what thoughts people may have – it could be interesting to cover some of them and get the responses for you.

So for those of you new to this – Nivio (my company) has been selected as a technology pioneer by the World Economic Forum – a really flattering notion when you think of the other giants who have been recipients in the past (google corel etc). It’s given to companies who they believe are visionary and have the ability to make a global impact – we definately hope that we live up to this expectation!

Over the last couple of months – ever since the news became public – we have had a ton of media coverage and its been interesting to get some of the feedback people have had about the forum and its potential. Some of our “buddies” have given us some great advice – a lot of it really boils down to

  • – meet as many people as you can
  • – get involved and speak up
  • – don’t miss an opportunity to showcase what you are doing
  • – really make sure you sleep before you go !!!

I guess this is interesting – in 5 days you have to meet and mingle with almost 5000 delegates from Bill Gates to the Chinese Premier to the guy that invented ICQ (do you remember the ever so cool instant messenger) – its a bit of a daunting experience and I just know that its the most planned thing we have ever done even more than our beta launch!!

The resonating theme for this year’s summit seems to be the economic slowdown and how it is impacting the world at large; what will 2009 look like and what will be the factors that come into play on a large and small scale..

Personally I think this will be an interesting summit; I had a chat with an interesting Journalist from the BBC today (Peter Day) and he seemed to think that its interesting that they are inviting young guys like Nivio to the summit to mingle and possible bring awareness to how the internet may be a part of the big jigsaw for solving the current status quo… who knows…

more on Davos Later 🙂