Davos – Final Sum up – Amongst Legends…

As opposed to writing out each of the individual days  – (yes I have to apologise for being so slow but unfortunately I have a day job (to run Nivio!))

My final post is really about Davos and the people I met – simply put it was surreal to be there and speaking to the people I did.

I also wanted to go over some of the “Private Events” – these are events run by the forum for specific groups of people – the ones that I found myself attending

– Governors Lunch on Technology, Media and Telecoms –

This was the powerhouse lunch with everyone from Sunil Bharti Mittal (someone I look up to as the father of Indian telecoms) to Michael Dell and Craig Barrett (Intel). Other than a swanky lunch the most important points here was the candid conversation that took place about how the future of the three, once considered separate, industries are now all in the balance with each other. I had the opportunity to speak (thanks to Maria Baritoromo) and I can tell you it was probably the most nervous 30 seconds I have had to face in a while!

The general takeaways for me:

– The freemium model is destroying the old ways of doing business – the internet is a medium that is promoting change in models where the customers don’t value the underlying asset that is being sold (movies, videos etc) because they believe there is no marginal cost to the publishing houses.

– The consensus was that even software also now suffers this piece – especially in the line of opensource software.

– That whilst everyone was trying to embrace convergence people forget that by convering the three pieces you were also inheriting the problems associated with each which includes piracy and freemium services.

– Everyone needed to work together and learn how to share the pie – todays the telecom’s companies are complaining that they are unable to monetise their networks and believe they should make revenue on the underlying data / content being sent. I think this is fair but from my experience at Nivio – telecom’s operators rarely share!

– Global Education Initiative Sessions

This was a very important session for me personally as it was all about the ways in which companies could facilitate education in a public-private partnership. Speakers included the chairman of Cisco and Craig Barret from Intel.

– Lunch on Penetration of ICT in the Emerging Markets

A very interesting lunch – thanks to Vikram Akula for inviting me – the entire session was around how technology is being deployed in ICT for education and the use cases. I met some very interesting people including the COO of Infosys (Shibu) and the Minister of technology for Egypt.

– Party for the Young Global Leaders, Technology Pioneers and Social Entrepreneurs

This was another power event where I had the good fortune to meet, with a glass of champagne, Richard Branson (who was everything I expected and more – an absolutely unbelievable person – what presence), Stelios (Mr Easy Everything), Larry (google) and Richard Stromback (Stromback Ventures) – met a lot more but this post would be very long if I named all!

Finally the other people who gave us time and simply blew our minds

– Paul Jacobs from Qualcomm – simply put one of the most down to earth individuals I have ever met. Very smart and someone I got to hang out with a lot.

– Bill Amerlio and Cuong Do from Lenovo – again two people who really just surprised us by giving us their time and also with their incredible insight.

– President Kangama from Rwanda – we hope to be seeing him very soon as he has invited us to Rwanda to explore setting up there.

– Chairman Wang from ChinaMobile – again another person with great insight.

– Reuben September from Telkom SA – a person with great vision and again we hope to work with him

– Anand Singh from South Africa – a movie director and a great visionary – we hope to work with him soon!

Right I think that’s all – I am speaking at the World Economic Forum in Brazil in April and I hope to be a lot more attentive towards blogging daily!

Do email me if you need any more information.

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