Day 2 – World Eco Forum – Davos – Little boy in a BIG toystore

So I have to admit – I have been terribly lazy in writing up the davos experience – I guess the main reason was that during the event you barely had anytime to breathe and after the event you needed to rest for a week and then spent the rest of the time trying to catch up on the emails and work that you had missed.

Many people asked me the usual question – “Sachin, how was Davos?” and my reply was always “I felt like a 5yr old in a toy store” – and honestly speaking the sensation wasn’t far from the truth. I don’t recall a moment (not even sleep) when the adrenalin levels and excitement was anything less than peak most of the time.

After Day 1 we began to start organising ourselves a little better – realising that we needed to wear snow boots when walking to any part of the outside world else we would be getting a free sleding lessons with our rear-end being the sledge (yes I am speaking from experience).

Moving on to experience that is Davos; it was unbelievable the people you met and the way they interacted with you – I was simply blown away by the humility and the nature of the conversation. And the funny thing is it started day one – minute one.

One the first official day of the summit – I met a very interesting gentleman from Bloomberg – in a bid to try and start a conversation I brought out my new nivio gadget (as you can see below) and this broadcasts a screen – there was so much excitement between this and a few other pieces (that I am legally bound to be SHH about) that we spoke for 2 hrs and I handed out the oh – so – cool nivio wristbands (do you have one yet???!) – anyhow turns Craig Copetas knew some of our board but was so excited by what we did that he took photos (we were flattered!) and we ended up having a small group of folks watching our demo! (Thanks Craig)

the secret nivio device....

the secret nivio device....

Moving on we then went to the Opening Reception – in typical Davos style it was fully of the “creme de la creme” of business and media personalities – we decided our best method of attack was to park ourselves on a round table near the entrance and just pull out all the stops by putting out all our funky looking gadgets with a hope that people would come speak to us – and it worked!!! (Definate trick to be remembered next year) – so much so we had the pleasure of meeting Anne Seith (Editor of Spiegel!) who wrote a very very cool piece about us! [,1518,604168,00.html]

At the reception we met a lot of people incuding Anand Mahindran (a legend in Indian Industry) but the person that left the most impressive impression and later became a good friend was Yves Behar ( – the brains behind the design of Slingbox, OLPC [one laptop per child] and jaw bone].  I owe a thank you to Kal Patel from bestbuy for the introduction (we were hunting Kal down since 3 weeks before the summit- he is after all one of the most powerful people in retail america!) – and another equally interest meet was Paola Antonelli from the Museum of Modern Art in New York – the first day really summed up the Davos Experience – rich in people, diversity in genre and humilty in absolute nature.

Moving on – we went to what was our (and about 32 other ppl’s) night! The Technology Pioneers 2009 Awards Dinner (picture attached!) – we ended up travelling with Yves and Kal (like you do!!). The dinner was unbelievable – at our table was Mitchel Baker (Chairperson / CEO of Mozilla Firefox), Bruce Golden (Partner Accel) and Chris Gilbert of Ubquisys – it was just an unbelievable audience. We also met Robert Scobble (who did a little piece on us!) – incase you don’t know Robert he is the most awesome blogger (and does some stuff for techcrunch)

SD and Andre Schneider of WEF

SD and Andre Schneider of WEF

So after this -we ended up at Yossi Vardi’s nightcap – (the brains behind ICQ) – Yossi was awesome – what an energetic guy and the nightcap was unbelievable. Nightcaps are the times when you end up having to party (oh what work!) till the early hours of the morning – more on the nightcaps soon to come in future posts.

Long second day – was time for bed!